Die erste VR-Brille mit Durchblick

Die erste VR-Brille mit Durchblick

Experience rooms

Experience rooms

Check the effect

Check the effect

Testing ideas

Testing ideas

ARCHICAVE® is a new and innovative
4D visualization system

The unique presentation tool for real estate marketing, interior design and architecture

Economic efficiency

Thanks to the comprehensive, spatial visualization of projects, planning errors can be detected more quickly and effectively, and fewer corrections are necessary. Prototype or dummy construction can also often be avoided. The ARCHICAVE® saves time and money.


With a real room experience, uncertainties can be cleared more quickly. Building owners can make decisions for individual details or the overall solution with greater certainty.

Power of persuasion

It is quite simple: the better the presentation, the more likely the sale. With a cave, rooms are easier to understand and entire buildings can be experienced intuitively. This makes the ARCHICAVE® a real convincing tool.


Ready for networked construction: The ARCHICAVE® is completely BIM-compatible and enables visualization support for digital construction projects. Planners thus receive an ideal tool and are set up for the future.


Visions become virtual reality

Light and communicative

The VR glasses with a clear view: Instead of bulky face masks such as Vive or Oculus Rift, ARCHICAVE® only requires a filigrane frame with six motion track markers. In this way, you can also maintain eye contact with other people in the VR environment - and your hairstyle or make-up will not be ruined.

Space-saving and efficient

You do not need a factory loft to use the ARCHICAVE®. Our hardware is also ideal for smaller environments. In this way, Virtual Reality also finds its way into your office or showroom.

Flexible and scalable

The ARCHICAVE® experience is also scalable. Depending on your requirements and desired effect, the system can be equipped with two, three or four projectors. The rule of thumb is simple: the more projectors, the higher the immersion - the more the feeling of being in the virtual world.




The ARCHICAVE® system

The ARCHICAVE® is an innovative, patent-pending high-tech system.

Is that why it's complicated?
On the contrary. Our services will convince you of this.

Delivery and installation

What should you do to get an ARCHICAVE® ?
Actually, only contact us. We advise you in our showroom or in your rooms and together we will find the perfect location for your cave. We build up the entire system for you and configure it as required.

Rental service

From an economic point of view, the ARCHICAVE® system works according to the contracting model.
This means that you rent hardware and software from us and we take care of installation and maintenance, as well as permanent availability. All you have to do is turn it on.

Content creation

How do your projects get into the virtual world?
We'll take care of that, too. All we need is the appropriate data from you - from complete CAD data to hand sketches. Depending on the scope and quality, we calculate the cost of content creation, which is within the usual range for the preparation of 3D animations. We also offer the option to train your own staff as content creators.

Wherever you are - work together with others in virtual space. The ARCHICAVE® enables unlimited communication and can bring together users from all over the world.


With ARCHICAVE® you have a platform that is made for telecollaboration. Globally dispersed Cave users can meet in the same virtual environment sharing the same experience. In this way, language barriers are overcome and misunderstandings are reduced - everyone sees exactly what is at stake.


Of course, users of other VR devices such as headmounted displays also be integrated into the communication. Although the comfort benefits of ARCHICAVE® glasses are no longer available with the headmounted displays, the advantages of working together in real time and in the same virtual space remains.

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